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The CIRSE 2020 Summit help desk will be open during the live event days on September 12-15 from 08:00-19:00 (CEST).

In the meantime, please find below useful information and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Access to the Summit

Yes, only registered attendees can attend and will have access to the CIRSE 2020 Summit scientific programme and the virtual exhibition and activities.

  • 24-hour access: You will have 24-hour access to the entire scientific programme including all pre-released lectures and posters and all live sessions and the virtual exhibition and activities from Sept. 12-15.
  • On-demand content: You will be able to watch the scientific programme until March 15, 2021.
  • Networking: You will be able to ask questions in the live sessions, participate in live polls, interact with colleagues and friends through text messaging and 1:1 video chat and share content of the CIRSE 2020 Summit via social media.
  • CME credits: By attending the CIRSE 2020 Summit you can gain up to 23 European CME credits (ECMEC’s). Through an agreement between the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes and the American Medical Association, physicians may convert EACCME® credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM.

To register, please refer to the registration page.
To apply for an educational grant please click here.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the CIRSE login page and click on “Forgot your password” underneath the login button. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. If you know your password, but still cannot log in, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Technical requirements

Test your system before the start of the Summit by clicking here.

In order for you to enjoy the CIRSE 2020 Summit event, we recommend the technical requirements below.

  1. 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  2. 1.4 Mbps internet connection
  3. Allow Flash
  4. Disable pop-up blockers
  5. Disconnect from a VPN (if possible)

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Android 4.4, Apple Max OS X 10.9+, Apple IOS 8.4+

Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Safari 5.0+, Firefox 3.6+, iPhone/iPad – Safari/iOs 5.1+, Android Phone/Tablet OS 2.3 or higher, Windows Tablet IE 10+

We recommend Chrome or Firefox as the most stable and consistent browsers for accessing the CIRSE 2020 Summit. We do not advise participating in the summit via your mobile phone.

Should you wish to participate in a video chat via the chat tool in the lower right corner of your screen, please note that this is only possible in Chrome.

HTML5 streaming enabled browser, Apple iOS http streaming enabled browser, Android http streaming enabled browser

Tips for successful and convenient participation

To ensure that you will be ready to hit those early morning sessions right away, we recommend that you:

  1. Make sure to be registered before the first day of the live congress (Sept. 12)
  2. Have the Summit start page bookmarked in your browser’s favourites bar so it is easy to access – find information for bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox.
  3. Ensure that your browser is set to remember your login password for easy log in. Information for saving passwords on Chrome and Firefox.
  4. Log in and familiarise yourself with the congress platform before the live congress.

Setting up a regular Summit workspace in a quiet space or office will help reduce distractions and allow you to make the most of your Summit experience. Make sure you have a high speed internet connection and microphone set up in case you want to participate in 1:1 video calls with colleagues or industry representatives. Also think about your background, in case you end up in a video call.

The CIRSE 2020 Summit makes it easy to save sessions in your personal calendar to organise your Summit experience either before or during the online event.

  1. Create a list of your personal favourites on the congress platform (Go to Scientific Programme in the main menu of the landing page then click on the plus icon under the individual session or presentation)
  2. Add your “must-see” live sessions to the calendar on the online calendar on your computer or email (Go to Scientific programme then “Timetable” then click on the session you would like to add then click the calendar icon and choose your favorite medium.
  3. Set reminders to make sure you attend the sessions you saved!

One of the main benefits of the online platform is that it allows for increased flexibility to watch sessions in the time, location and pace that best suits  — however in order to make the most out of your Summit experience, be sure to ask for time off to be able to participate in live sessions and do not put off watching sessions indefinitely! There are a multitude of text and 1:1 video chat functions that allow attendees to actively participate both with each other and at sessions, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Accessing the scientific programme

Your portal to the CIRSE 2020 Summit scientific programme is the congress start page. After logging in via the button on the top right corner, you will be able to access the scientific programme through the main menu on the top of your screen. You can then click on the session of your choice to view the live stream during live event days or watch on-demand content whenever suits you.

During the pre-congress period from September 1 to 11, selected on-demand content will be made available. Poster presentations will be released first, followed by free paper presentations in the week leading up to the congress.

During the live event days from September 12-15, live sessions will be scheduled every day from morning to evening. Additional on-demand content, fundamental courses and focus sessions will be published every evening.

Live sessions will take place in their respective virtual auditoria at a scheduled time. Registered participants will have the possibility to ask questions and participate in live polls. After the end of a live session, all lectures will be made available on demand.

After the live event days, the scientific programme will remain available exclusively to registered participants until March 15, 2021.

Add to my favourites

Next to each session and presentation, you have the option of adding it to your favourites. To access your list of favourited sessions, click on your name indicated on the right top corner of the scientific programme page.

Add to calendar

When browsing the timetable in the scientific programme, click on the session you are interested in and then click on the add to calendar icon to choose the personal calendar you would like to save the session in.

Shortly after the end of each live session, it will be added to the on-demand area of the scientific programme page.

Workshops and Case-based Discussions

These essions are held as Zoom Webinars, which will allow for verbal interaction with speakers and moderators.

You will listen to live presentations and be able to use the Zoom raise-hand feature in order to indicate that you would like to ask a question. Your camera signal will not be shown.

No, you just need a valid congress ticket and you need to be logged in on the CIRSE 2020 Summit platform.

Yes, you will need a Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App. Please make sure to have the latest version of the Zoom App.We recommend to use headphones or a headset.

A mouse click on the respective channel will take you to the webinar registration page.
Please enter your first and last name and your email address. Do not use any nick names or initials.
You will arrive in the waiting room and be let in by the technical host as soon as the session starts.

Polling will only be available during Case-based Discussions. The case presentations will include multiple choice questions (MCQ).

Questions and answer options will open in a window. You may tick your answer and as soon as the polling is closed, the results will be shown.

Exhibition & activities

Please note that the the exhibition will be made available on September 12.

You can enter the CIRSE 2020 Summit exhibition through the “Exhibition and activities” button located at the top of the Summit landing page, which will lead you to the exhibition’s main foyer. From here, you will be able to access the Blue and Orange exhibition halls, the learning centres and all auditoria.

To visit our industry partners and society booths, simply enter one of the exhibition halls and click on the corresponding virtual booth, which will give you access to all links, videos and other information material. To see which booth representatives are available at the booth you are visiting, click on the tab “Info/Representatives” in the upper corner of the booth.

Some of our industry partners will host private virtual meeting rooms and learning centres, where they will feature additional content, such as product demos, live web conferencing or “Meet the expert” meetings. To navigate to these rooms, click on the icon “Learning Centres” at the bottom of your screen. Then, select which room you would like to enter.

During the Summit, you will be rewarded for exploring and interacting with many aspects of the event – the leaderboard shows how many points you have collected throughout the day. To increase your score (and your chance at winning a prize), click, save, and chat your way through the exhibition. Don’t forget to search for the hidden treasure!

This system check will quickly show you if your system fulfills the requirements for viewing the Exhibiton & Activities platform.

In case you cannot see the entire page, you can also try zooming in or out in your browser window by simultaneously pressing ‘ctrl’ and using your mouse wheel or the +/- buttons on your keyboard.

Yes. Just click on the ‘settings’ cogwheel in the upper right corner of your screen and choose ‘Edit Registration Info’. Under ‘Profile Image’, click ‘Choose a File’ and upload a picture. Press the orange ‘Submit’ button to complete your upload.


Please note that the chat and video functions will be made available on September 12.

Questions can be submitted when viewing the live stream. Below the video stream, you will find the field to enter your question. In addition, you can follow the link in the respective session in the CIRSE 2020 Summit app.

Case-based discussions and workshops are held as webinars in which participants will have the possibility to ask questions orally, by using the “raise hands” feature.

Case-based Discussions and the Controversy Session

Polling will be shown below the live stream of the respective session. To participate, you can follow the link in the session in the CIRSE 2020 Summit app. You can switch between the Question & Answer (Q&A) and the polling (polls) screen.

The Summit platform features two chat tools.

One is integrated into the Exhibition & Activities platform and can be accessed by clicking on the number next to ‘This location’ in the top right corner. You can then chat with everyone who is on the same webpage as you. In addition to using text chat, booth representatives can also invite attendees to join a 1:1 video chat session with them. The booth representatives need to first initiate a text chat, then invite the attendee for a 1:1 video chat. The attendee will then need to click ‘join’ to accept the call.

The second chat tool is available across all areas (the Scientific Programme, News Feed, and Exhibition & Activities). This chat allows everyone who is logged in, no matter which page they are on, to connect with other attendees via text or 1:1 video chat. To start a video chat, first initiate a text chat by either clicking on an active user from the list or doing a surname search at the bottom of the chat window (only logged-in users will appear). When clicking on the ‘chat settings’ cogwheel (top right of the chatbox), an option for ‘start video chat’ will appear. Click this and a video link will be provided in the chat window. Click on the link to open the video call in another browser tab.

There will be one chat room per auditorium. Simply click on the chat icon in the lower right corner and choose the respective auditorium to start discussing the ongoing sessions with your colleagues!

Auditorium chat rooms are available during Summit hours (08:00-19:00 CEST).

Yes. Start a chat with one person and then on the bottom of the chat window click on the person icon with a plus to add more participants.

Yes. Click on the person’s name in the chat list to open a private chat window. Then click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right of the private chat window and choose ‘Block’. Please note that the other person will see that you have blocked them when trying to get in touch with you. Simply click ‘Unblock’ if you would like allow the other person to be able to contact you again.

Click on the chat icon in the lower right corner and click on the chat settings next to your name. Here you can choose between available, idle, busy, and offline. You can also mute or unmute the chat sound and choose whether you would like to enable notifications.

Opening hours

For a schedule of the live programme, please refer to the timetable.
The on-demand content is available 24/7, once it has been released.

The exhibition will be open on September 12-15 from 8:30-18:30 (CEST).

The help desk will be open on September 12-15 from 08:00-19:00 (CEST). If you have questions outside of these times, you can reach us at [email protected].

CME credits

You have to complete the event evaluation form, which will be available on the CIRSE 2020 Summit landing page as of Monday, September 14, 14:00 (CEST).

Yes, it has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 23 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). For further details, please refer to

Since CIRSE is not the credit granting institution, please contact your national authority in order to find out the actual number of credits that can be obtained. You may only claim credits for those sessions that you actually attended.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Feel free to head over to the help desk between 08:00-19:00 (CEST) during the congress days in order to clarify your questions. Outside of these hours, send us an email at [email protected].